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Every brand has a story.
It's our job to make people
want to read it.


Little Sprouts Learning Center

Under new management, this daycare underwent a complete rebrand. From name conception, to logo design, to print media, and wearables, we were there to help every step of the way. We created characters for each age group within the daycare as well as a custom font for their logo and their brand. This was such a fun project that really allowed us to connect with our inner child!


Marmalade HOme

Convincing people that their homes need professional help can be tricky. Marmalade Home sought to quell the fears of homeowners and realtors alike with a warm, approachable brand, complete with custom watercolor patterns. The name Marmalade was chose for the ingenuity and resourcefulness involved in the creation of the first batch of marmalade.  



The best stories are filled with vivid imagery and rich details. When Restore Pelzer was founded to rejuvenate a withering southern mill town, we looked to the town's history to inspire these details. Since the town blossomed around cotton mills in the late 1800s,  we embraced cotton as an icon, symbolizing healing and protection. The natural, bright, and hopeful elements of the cotton were balanced by sturdy type that is full of character and nuance.


homemade escapades

Creating a brand for a blog that stands out against the noise can be daunting, but it was a fun challeng create a light, slightly feminine logo that hearkened harkened hearkened back to the days of sign painting. The idea of home cooking is one that now seems a little antiquated, so why not create a logo to match?



A new property management company wanted to stand out from the competition in both appearance and customer service. Their vision was to build a company that cared as much about its clients as it did about the properties. With a strong client-focus, their brand needed to reflect professionalism, familiarity, and quality.