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Edible Communities

We love working with Edible Communities because we love your stories and we love food.


we love storytelling

We love working with the Edible Community because we believe in your mission. We believe in positive, creative storytelling whether they’re told in print or between friends over a good cocktail. We believe in our art, the art of local, the art of food. We've been bworking with Edible since 2015, so let us help you tell your community's story through eye-catching design, creative page layout, and unique illustrations.


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Bring your vision to life.

Whether you have an article, a recipe, an upcoming event, or a last bite, you want your vision to shine through. Chimera can bring your vision to life through thoughtful designs and stunning illustrations..


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Page Design

We love taking your story and making that visual in a way that stays true to who you are and the message you want to send. We can create page layouts, design entire spreads, and eye catching ads that will make your story a little more real to your readers.

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Ad design

Whether we like it or not, magazines couldn't exist without ads. We know it's just as important for your advertisers to look good to your readers as it is for your stories to be beautiful. We can help make sure your ads are print-ready, attractive, and affordable.

More than just magazines

Let Chimera Collective handle all of your design and marketing needs. From Drupal to Wearables to Event Promotion, we're ready to make you look like a million bucks without breaking the bank.