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Chimera Collective is a co-adventure of two graphic designers who wanted to help businesses and non-profits who can't afford to have a full time designer on staff. With over a decade of combined experience working with small businesses, non-profits, and print publications, they’ve learned a trick or two. Equipped with a collaborative mentality, creativity, and a lot of determination, they’re ready to conquer every project that comes their way. Whether you’re looking for a new logo, a stellar brochure, or just need some social media help, Chimera is ready.



Our Team

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A steward of personality assessments, Caryn loves to understand what makes people tick. This ability to identify with people drives her desire to design because each design should perfectly portray the client it's created for.  She loves to doodle and incorporate illustrations into her design whenever possible. When she’s not working, you can usually find her in the kitchen trying new recipes, reading too far into obscure topics, or secretly teaching her two year-old son to love musical theatre behind her husband’s back.


Enneagram Scale:
9 - The Peacemaker

• Includer • Input • Communication •
• Ideation • Adaptability •

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Noah is a storyteller who enjoys communicating through design, photography, and live theatre. "Enjoys" might be an understatement – he is literally obsessed with the thrill of telling stories through these challenging mediums. He has spent several years developing his artistic craft, from working in commercial photo retouching for national brands to founding and leading a non-profit community theatre. He loves all things art and community, but mostly loves his little family and learning as much as he can about his newborn son.


Enneagram Scale:
7 – The Enthusiast

• Activator • Futuristic • Communication •
• Individualization • Relator •

Caryn has been our ‘Marketing Department’ for years and not by accident. She took the time to completely understand the mission and vision of our organization so she could make the best design choices for each project. She captures our half-baked ideas and creates something amazing and perfect for its purpose everytime, without fail. We are honored to have Caryn on our team!
— Jesie Hess, Calvary Home for Children
As a City employee, I have contracted and worked with Noah Taylor on a variety of projects such as design campaigns for downtown events and entrepreneurial programs. Not only is he efficient, professional and organized, he also produces extremely creative products that cater to one’s specific target audience. Noah’s artistic eye is reflected in all of his work. Whether it’s a billboard design, event flyer, Main Street banner or digital campaign, one can always pinpoint his work through high quality, magnetic designs that demand attention on every platform.
— Mary Haley Thompson, City of Anderson Project Manager

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