Add "mind-reading" to our list of services

Chris Pruitt knew Caryn from a local networking group. After learning more about the services she could offer, he reached out about helping him brand his new business venture. Armed with a sketch and a concept in mind, Chris tried to convey his vision as best he could so that Caryn could capture it in his logo. After a brief meeting, Caryn got to work and presented him with a visual of his brand.

The results were exquisite

Chris was elated at how well Caryn seemed to understand his concept. He said even though “it didn’t match what I said” it “captured [my concept] beautifully.” Sometimes it takes a special set of ears and unique form of creativity to craft a representation of another person’s thoughts – some may call it “mind reading”, but we just call it good business. 

Since then, Chris and Caryn have worked together on several projects with various purposes. You can find his full testimonial below:

Caryn & I had become acquaintances through a business networking group. I hired her to help brand a new venture business concept. I had in mind a logo and color scheme to go along with my philosophy and meaning behind the business. It was important that these elements shine through my branding. The result was exquisite. Caryn seemed to understand what I meant even when it didn't match what I said and captured it beautifully in unifying my logo, business name and tag line. I have engaged her for another project with the same result.  Caryn has a wonderful blend of creativity and business sense for her client. I recommend her without reservation.

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