Theatre Design

We're passionate about helping theatres tell their stories with beautiful, cohesive graphics.

From serving on boards to managing small theatre companies, you could say we have ties to the theatre community. In a way, it’s part of who we are. With this unique background, we know exactly how to help you market your show and give your audience a beautiful, engaging, enticing story through design.



Storytelling begins long before your audience takes their seats and the lights go down. Every poster, ad, and flyer is built on design choices which create intrigue and invite audiences to see more of your story. Your graphics are more than just a pretty font with bold colors – they shout your story to onlookers. When your marketing is tailored to fit your director's vision, your theatre's brand, and your audience's interest,  you get top notch results – with rewards like higher ticket sales, better shows, and happier artists.


Quality across the board.

Whether you have a middle school drama program, a professional theatre company, or anything in between, quality matters. One show or an entire season – Chimera can bring your story to visual, dynamic life.



One show.
Infinite creativity. 

No cookie-cutter solutions here

Your Director's Vision
Tell your story through the director's lens – from the get-go.

Your Theatre's Brand
Carry your branding and values into every aspect of the design.

Your Season
Each show is part of a bigger picture and a greater story.


Chimera's beautiful, custom show designs are consistent with your production, your theatre, and your season.



More than a posteR

Let Chimera Collective handle all of your theatre's marketing needs: t-shirts, banners, billboards, mailers, and beyond.  We understand how much it takes to run a theatre – we'll take design off your plate so you can focus on what you do best!